Our approach

A deeper understanding of the human mind requires us to rethink strategic communications from first principles. Our process evolves tried and true practices with a unique focus on understanding positions of authentic resonance and crafting a core narrative that inspires action. 



Based on a deeper understanding of human cognition, we craft a strategy to achieve the goals of our client.

Resonance analysis

Following this strategy, we map the cognitive and emotional foundations of key stakeholders to establish positions of authentic resonance.

Core narrative

Building on the shared foundations, we craft a core narrative following the structure the mind is wired to respond to.

Campaign delivery

Finally, we optimize the narrative and delivery channels to maximize resonance, inspire action, and win.


Our advantage

This unique approach has inherent advantages that enable us to empower clients with communications that deliver results.


By building our work on a more complete model of the human mind, we craft more effective strategies.

By crafting the core narrative following the structure our minds are wired for, we create more engaging and inspiring stories.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 1.04.16 PM.png

By mapping the moral foundations of both leader and community, we establish positions that authentically resonate.

With extensive experience managing multichannel campaigns, we can assemble the optimal mix of tactics to deliver the narrative and win.


Leaders we support

The advantages of our approach provide unique value to any leader whose success depends on inspiring others to act. 


Political leaders mobilizing voters

Business leaders motivating teams

Innovators seeking early adopters

Funders seeking maximum impact 

Grassroots taking collective action

Governments engaging citizens