Psychographic Listening

The best way to understand what people think is to ask and listen.
Just imagine what you would know and what you could do, if you could have a conversation with every person you want to reach. Until now, this approach has been impossible.


Imagine if you could have a conversation with every person you want to reach.


Avalanche Psychographic Listening leverages AI and cognitive linguistics to analyze large samples of open-ended responses. We identify the values, attitudes and priorities that drive your target audiences. With our guidance you will know what to talk about, why it matters and exactly how to say it.



We start by prompting a representative sample of your target community to respond to open-ended questions. Prompts are fielded in an online Associative Listening Survey, and can be delivered via panel, targeted digital ads, email, text, in person, or by any other channel that’s ideal for your people.



We leveraging cutting-edge AI and cognitive linguistics to analyze how each person speaks, to reveal how they think and feel. Our human-in-the-loop AI process means that real people are always guiding the technology that allows us to scale the deeply human capacity to understand each other.



We reveal the values, emotions and priorities that will resonate broadly across the constituency, and deeply with specific segments. Our process starts and ends with your strategic goals, ensuring analysis answers the burning questions you knew to ask, and finds the things you didn’t know to look for.



We translate insights into actionable recommendations on positioning, framing and messaging designed to resonate, mobilize and win.


Tell stories that win today, and change what’s possible tomorrow.